Your word is shit.
Paige to Mike, Graceland, The Unlucky One
2014 TwoCentsTV Awards - Drama Categories


2014 TwoCentsTV Awards - Drama Categories #TwoCentsTVAwards #TVAwards

Many TV viewers feel that our favorites get overlooked during award season. The awards go to the ‘best’ or ‘most outstanding’, but what about our favorites? What about the performances and Television related things that makes it fun for us to watch?

The TwoCentsTV Awards is here! Our second annual awards highlight some of our favorite performances, shows and other fun items from the past year in…

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You’re looking for someone to save. Look in the mirror.
Jakes, Graceland, Tinker Bell
You gotta think about what we do for a living, okay? People get hurt.
Briggs, Graceland, “Connects
You choose to welcome back Levi—-I chose to be a champion. Another poor choice on your part, Johnny.
Jakes, Graceland, The Line